Travels and Photography


Costa Rica – ’18

I traveled to Costa Rica in March 2018. It was an amazing and inspiring trip. It is a safe country, stressing on ecotourism, with stunning flora and fauna and very friendly and open-minded locals. A must-see! Pura Vida!

Thailand – ’17

I traveled to Thailand (Bangkok and the southern islands: Phuket, Koh Yao Noi, Koh Lanta and Tran Islands) in March 2017. From the temples to the food stalls, the boat trips and the beach, it has been an amazing experience that we highly recommend to all the adventurous travellers.

Peru – ’11
The following portraits were taken during a short trip to the South of Peru, on lake Titicaca in July 2011. There we found a little village called Chucuito where people were celebrating, dancing, playing music , and wearing traditional clothes. These people belong to the Aymara indigenous tribe. They still speak the language and practice old customs, such as this celebration for Easter’s day during which ladies and gentlemen wear lively colours clothing while performing a traditional dance. Some of the ladies and gentlemen were pretty old, which made the scene even more touching. These people were celebrating happily, drinking beers between the dancing sets, letting us taking pictures of them,  not really paying attention to us. Most of these pictures are a bit over exposed as the sun was really bright, we were in the middle of the day and it was very difficult to adjust the camera. But I did want to show these pictures nonetheless as they speak for this colourful and joyful place attached to its traditions, on the edge of mythical lake Titicaca.


Market place in Puno, Pero